Residential Pest Control Services

The struggle to prevent and avoid infestations of pests like ants, cockroaches, rats and others in our homes never ends. Sometimes, it seems like our best efforts to keep pests out of our homes only go so far or fail miserably. You can take all kinds of precautions and do all the right things to avoid pest infestations, but still you wind up seeing ants and other bugs running around your kitchen, bathrooms and other areas of your home. After all, pests have done this sort of things for thousands of years.

Crush Bugs offers affordable and eco friendly services for your home and family. Wether you are interested in monthly maintenance or just a service call, we have affordable prices that will fit your needs.

With effective and long-lasting treatments and pesticides, leading Hollywood FL residential pest control businesses like Crush Bugs quickly eliminate infestations of all types of pests, and keep pests like roaches, ants, spiders and mice from returning. The company’s licensed and state-certified residentil pest control Hollywood FL exterminators will inspect your residence thoroughly to find where pests have hidden and to figure out how they have managed to get inside your home, and they’ll treat these entry points with pesticides to deter future infestations.

Annual and semi-annual treatments can provide people’s homes with a stronger defense against pests like termites, rats and other harmful pests.

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